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2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 Price, Specs

When there were initial rumors about the 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 being released, many people did not believe the same. This happened because such rumors surfaced many times but nothing happened actually. But this time it is not fake news and the vehicle is being readied for production.

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2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 front

2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 – Design and Changes

Before discussing in details about the design of 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4, it is important to know that this vehicle is receiving a major face-lift. With the changes, the vehicle has a sportier look and appearance. Taking a look at the car, you cannot take eyes off it. The sedan is available in various attractive shades and looks fabulous. Changes in the vehicle can be seen in the spoilers, body kits, bumpers etc. The wheels of the vehicle are also larger and this gives a distinct appearance to the excellent sedan.

Along with the exterior, the interior has also seen many changes and up gradations and all for the better of the vehicle. Sporty accents are seen in the interior as well and this is common in almost all SRT models. The interior has carbon fiber and aluminum accents, an extremely sporty steering wheel and other technologically advanced features. The upholstery will also see the change in the new sedan, making the seats extremely comfortable even during long drives. With the integration of new technological features, traveling in the car will be a great experience for sure.

There is no specific information on the safety and security features that are integrated into the Dodge Dart SRT4. However, there is mention of the fact that the vehicle has some of the best and highly updated security features.

2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 interior

Engine and Transmission

Among the many parts of 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 which draw attention, the engine needs special mention. The 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 is expected to run on a 2.4 liter Tigershark 4-cylinder engine. Some vehicles deliver 260 HP with this engine but SRT will deliver more than 184HP of energy almost 171 lbs feet of torque.

The engine is expected to be coupled to the 8-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 rear

Price and Availability

There is no final news regarding the price of 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4 yet. However, as per speculations from the automobile industry, it is being thought that the vehicle will be in the range of $25,000 – $27,000.

When it comes to the question of availability, there is no fixed answer obtained. However, as per reports, it is expected that the vehicle will make entry by beginning or mid of 2018.

Summing it up

The new Dodge Dart SRT4 is expected to make a good impact in the automobile industry with the amazing features and technologies implemented. The Subaru WRX and Mazda 6 are the main vehicles that will offer some competition to the 2018 Dodge Dart SRT4.

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