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2018 Ford Escape Review, Specs, Price, Changes, Colors

The 2018 Ford Escape is not expected to bring any remarkable change in its make because the 2017 model has won a huge appreciation from the users except for its interior space. The powertrain will be retained in 2018 version. If you are looking for an all-new design, wait to see the 2019 model.

2018 Ford Escape front view

2018 Ford Escape – Features and Design

There will be no substantial difference except some new color variation; Ford may mark the end of this design row with some little new twists. The model of the new season will retain its sporty get-up. The basic features of the 2018 Ford Escape like the steel wheels, the headlights, taillights, cruise control, central display, audio unit, rearview camera etc will remain unchanged. There will be no improvement in the backseat legroom. It will have the stylish LED taillights and upholstery made of fine leather and fabric.

Additional Attractions

The smartphone synchronization will be available in the 2018 Ford Escape to control door lock and engine start, to check tire pressure, fuel and battery status or to find the parking zone from a remote location. The SE in 2018 will again have the seat for power driver whereas the Titanium will retain its power passenger seat and a power liftgate.

2018 Ford Escape interior view

Efficient Engine and Improved Drive

The 2018 Ford Escape is supposed to have the same engine structure like before, i.e.

  • Base- 2.5 liters four-cylinder to generate a torque of 168 hp and 170 lb-ft.
  • Midrange- turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder with a torque of 179 hp and 177 lb-ft.
  • Top range- turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder with a torque of 245 hp and 275 lb-ft.

All the engines of the 2018 Ford Escape will be regulated by a six-speed automatic transmission.

The basic S model will have the same front-wheel drive, while the advance SE and Titanium versions will offer the choice of the front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive (AWD).

Fuel Economy

Considering the fuel economy, the 2018 Ford Escape will not show much difference compared to its 2017 variant. Mileage for S will be 21 mpg for city, 28 mpg on the highway and 24 mpg on the combined path. The SE and Titanium will score 23 mpg for city, 30 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg on the combined path, the front-wheel-drive with 1.5-liter turbo engine; on the all-wheel drive, it will be 22-28-24 mpg. With 2.0 liter engine, the rates will not make a big difference.

But there is a remarkable point in the start system that works for fuel saving; when the vehicle is stationary, the engine is automatically stopped and the accessories will keep running. When the driver relaxes the brake pedal, the engine will start. Its smooth performance stops extra fuel consumption during engine start and stop.

A Modified Emergency Brake

An upgradation in the emergency brake is expected from the makers of Escape; the autonomous emergency brake will bring the vehicle to a complete stop instead of just slowing down, to save it from hitting an object/ creature/ pedestrian if that comes to its path suddenly. With this feature, the 2018 Ford Escape will boldly compete with Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4 or Subaru Forester.

If this change does not happen in the 2018 Ford Escape, it will definitely come in the 2019 version. Whenever it happens, it will elevate the safety status of Escape including it in the list of cars with top-rated safety features; it may even bring the Top Safety Pick+ award.

In the 2017 upgradations, automatic braking slowdown without an absolute stop was provided only with the expensive Titanium model. Now in 2018, this advanced feature will come with the basic and medium models of Escape too. And this is, of course, a remarkable achievement. The adaptive cruise control which helps maintain a gap in the traffic ahead was among the top safety features for 2017 cars.

The exclusive Titanium versions of the 2018 Ford Escape will have the lane-keep assist feature, to help retain the position in case the driver mistakenly slips from the lane; the sensor and alarm for the wrong direction and drowsy driving will also work like before unless any change is brought.

2018 Ford Escape side view

Price and Release Date

For the price, the 2018 Ford Escape will go higher than its previous generation. The base price will stay around $ 24,000. The AWD Titanium will cost higher than $ 37,000. But it is expected that the price hike would not bar Escape from actively taking part in the market competition.

If the 2017 SE or Titanium user wants an AWD upgradations, it will cost around $ 1750. The front-drive SE will be priced around $26,200 in 2018. The release of the 2018 Ford Escape will be dated around spring 2017.


In future, the Ford will look forward to an improvement in the interior space. More up gradation in the powertrain and a nine-speed auto transmission is expected in 2019. The 2019 year can also bring a lightweight Escape model for better speed and fuel economy. It can even be a gas-electric dual version.

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