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2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack

Ford Mustang engineers are passionate about their facelifted 2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack. These technicians seem to adhere to the old adage that says that you would commit yourself to work if you love what you do.

Apparently, they applied this maxim to develop the chassis and handling package of their dream 2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack.

2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack front

2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack – An Ideal Mustang Dream Package

Ford Mustang’s enthusiastic designers had an ideal Mustang vision that went above and beyond the typical order book. These track aficionados toiled days and nights to develop parts that could suit their aggressive targets. Surprisingly, they never even asked for permission from their bosses when they started working on their envisioned package.

Once they deemed the package was suitable, they went ahead to present the results to their bosses. Their project was approved and applauded, and that’s how an extreme Performance Package dubbed Level 2 Performance Pack was born. This performance variant belongs to the 2018 Mustang GT model.

The Performance Level 2 Pack is a $6,500 package that is solely available on Mustang GT fastback manual models. In case you want to order a base GT, you will need to shell out $2,000 for the Equipment Group 301A. This includes Sync 3 AM/CD/FM and dual climate control but is devoid of the 1LE’s head-up display.

These tires get attached to staggered-fitment wheels, which are 11.0 inches in the back and 10.5 inches in front. And they are not just any random tires you can find around. They are primarily Michelin Pilot Sports Cup 2s.

2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack interior

2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack – Specifications

Moving forward, the 2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack receives the relatively congealed springs. Its coils are 13% stiffer in the rear and 20% in front. It also comes equipped with the anti-roll bars that resist twist by an extra 67% in the back and 12% in front. The new Level 2 crouches down a half-an-inch closer to the road between the suspension tweaks and the lower-profile tires. The other features that have been revised include the electric steering assist, Magneride shocks, ABS and the stability control tuning.

The aero work of this model starts with an upgraded Boss 302 Laguna Seca front splitter that spreads roughly three inches from the front corners. This development ends up with 24 pounds of honest-to-goodness front downforce of at least 80 mph. A subtly modified rear spoiler, which is designed through a process of successive tests with various 3D printed designs, appears to balance this downforce.

The outcome of this modification splits the track performance difference between the mighty GT350 and the Level 2 Performance Pack. Finally, the Level 2 delivers lightning-quick responsiveness coupled with excellent braking and cornering grip. It also gets unique 10-spoke “Dark Tarnish” wheels, along with tire spats on the rear wheel openings. You can spot it with a black spoiler and splitter.

2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack rear

2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack – Output

The engineers have tuned the Mustang V8 in a way that it shades the Camaro SS 1LE by 15 horsepower. But, the highly charged Chevy outshines the Mustang by at least 35 pound-feet of torque. They both share the same gearing, so the Chevy is likely to out-drag the Mustang on the straights. We have not conducted the tests on the corners yet.

The 2018 Ford Mustang Level 2 Performance Pack is now available for order. Deliveries are set to begin in the spring of 2018.

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