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2018 VW Golf MK8 Review

It seems that VW is beginning to understand its real rivals and in order to give stiff competition to the likes of Audi A3, the new 2018 VW Golf MK8 will be launched.

There will be a host of modifications that will be done in the new and revamped version.

2018 VW Golf MK8 front

2018 VW Golf MK8 – Sporty Styling

The lines of the silhouette of the body as well as the roof will be slightly boxy. In addition, the placement of the front grille is slightly higher whereas the height of the suspension will be decreased.

The size of the alloy rims will be bigger and the fender lines will also be darker. Also, the front lights are curved while the design of the grille will be slightly turned up.

The front of the 2018 VW Golf MK8 will have two fins in the shape of the body. The headlamps, as well as the tail lamps, will be LED. Its alloy wheels will have the very glossy look and will be adorned with very thick spokes.

The car will be perched upon the MQB platform. The overall design of the new model will be wider as well as the height will be lower. But there will be more space inside the cabin for sure.

Improved Cabin

The overall feel of the interior of the new 2018 VW Golf MK8 will be quite plush and up- market. The cushioning of the seats will be upgraded to make the seats more comfortable. All the seats will be adjustable while the inside of the car will be automatically climate controlled.

The central infotainment system will come with a variety of features like navigation, Bluetooth, Wi- FI etc.

Along with all this, the car will also have a variety of safety features like front end collision avoidance system, lane departure warning etc. The door seals will also be changed to give better body silhouette.

2018 VW Golf MK8 interior

Engine Rumors of the 2018 VW Golf MK8

The 2018 VW Golf MK8 will come with a super-efficient three-cylinder 1.5-litre TDI diesel. This engine will range from 74 hp to 120 hp. It will come with an all-wheel drive.

According to some rumors, the new model will also get powerful units such as 3.0-litre V6 diesel that will produce around 300 HP. So far this engine will be one of the most powerful engines in all the VW cars by far.

2018 VW Golf MK8 rear

Availability and Price

The 2018 VW Golf MK8 will be available soon but the exact dates have not yet been unveiled by VW. The price of the car is also not yet decided as speculations are strong that VW is keeping some additional features as a surprise for its eager customers.

So all we can do is to wait for the big announcement and the big reveal. The price will vary according to the engine, trim level as well as the specifications.

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