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2019 Audi RS4 Sedan, Avant

Since the year 2000, RS4 evolved into one of the most iconic Audi’s vehicles. Over the years, RS4 was first offered as a station wagon, then as a sedan in 2006. Now, the 2019 Audi RS4 sedan comes as a four-door vehicle and it should return to the United States market.

Furthermore, Audi is planning to revive the Avant body style as well.

2019 Audi RS4 Sedan front

2019 Audi RS4 Astonishing Design

What Audi did with the exterior is both simple and astonishing. The RS4 sedan’s design is the same as RS4 Avant, but with more aggressive cues. Up front, the grille comes with the “RS4” badge, and bellow that we can find a sportier bumper with somewhat larger air vents. The intake below the front grille is smaller and it looks like a splitter that is painted in black. The headlamps are Matrix LED. To the sides, the fenders are heavier, and wheels are larger. The wheels come with new-design and are 19-inch aluminum.

The 20-inch wheels are optional. However, the back of the RS4 sedan is different compared to the RS4 Avant. A big spoiler is different and the bumper comes with a sporty diffuser and larger exhaust pipes. The “RS4” logo on the tailgate is added as well. Audi also decided to add a new Nogaro Blue paint with a pearl effect. This color is the same as on the Avant from 1999. Both Sedan and Avant models will feature this option.

2019 Audi RS4 Interior

Again, the interior of the RS4 sedan should be the same as on the Avant model, including the dashboard and the second-row seats. Everything is offered in various colors except the seats that are black. The reason is that Audi’s designers believe the black color underscored the sporty character.

Apart from that, things like center console are offered in different colors like grey carbon. The front seats come with new RS-Sport units that give the interior aggressive appeal. The honeycomb pattern is firstly presented on the Avant model but should be available on the sedan as well.

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and the door sills are illuminated. The instrument cluster is now available with a new display, that will provide information like tire pressure, g-forces, torque and other usual information. Some styling packages are included too, and those packages will add carbon-fiber and aluminum materials, and some black accents as well. The RS4 Sedan will come with less room, because of its smaller dimensions, but the dynamics and performance are better.

2019 Audi RS4 avant interior look

2019 Audi RS4 Engine Options

There is a big change going on with 2019 Audi RS4. The RS4 Avant model traded the 4.2-liter V8 for a 2.9-liter V6, the same engine will power the upcoming Audi RS4 sedan model. This twin-turbocharged drivetrain can produce 450 HP and 445 pound-feet of torque.

Compared to the previous V8 engine, it’s the same amount of horsepower but with 120 pound-feet of torque more. On top of that, we can add that the new RS4 Avant is 175 pounds lighter than its predecessor, and now can reach 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds. Logically, the Sedan will be quicker than Avant, with the top speed of 154 mph The engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and it comes with the all-wheel-drive system.

2019 Audi RS4 avant front

2019 Audi RS4 Avant

As we compared two models, both RS4 sedan and RS4 Avant are basically the same, just with a different dimension. Both Audi’s vehicles use the same design and the same engine. However, Avant is similar to the RS5 model with the blistered fenders and wider front and rear. It also possesses a roof spoiler, two fat tailpipes, and a rear diffuser.

However, the 2019 Audi RS4 Avant is cheaper than the RS5 model and it should cost around $69,000. There is no information available if Avant will hit the US car markets and when. Due to Americans aversion about station wagons, Audi is yet to make an announcement about this issue.

2019 Audi RS4 avant rear

2019 Audi RS4 Price and Release Date

The 2019 Audi RS4 sedan will cost somewhere around $70,000. It should be released in the middle of 2019. The likely competitors are BMW M5, Mercedes-AMG C63, and Cadillac ATS-V.

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