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2019 BMW 1-Series New Photos Revealed

BMW has revealed their plan to launch the revamped version of the 2019 BMW 1-Series in the hatchback version. The information and the features of the premium hatchback are being kept closely under wraps.

Hatchbacks seem to be the talk of the town. That could explain why every automobile major be it Porsche or Suzuki, seems to put all its plans on hold and develop the hatchback prima donna to captivate every consumer’s attention. And when all roads lead to Rome, can the BMW, one of the leading automobile giants, be any further behind?

2019 BMW 1-Series front

2019 BMW 1-Series – Changes and Updates

All major test runs of the car have been done. However, we have managed to get some sneak peeks and if they are anything to go by, it seems most of the changes that would be incorporated into the 2019 BMW 1-Series. With not much change noticed so far in the test run versions, it seems BMW will not push for an extreme makeover in terms of design.

One of its most successful products, from the house of BMW, the 1 series has been plying roads since its launch in 2004. And it is not very farfetched to arrive that the brains behind the car will try and incorporate something more revolutionary in terms of technology and efficiency in 2019 version.

While it can be anticipated that the new BMW 1 series will have revolutionary technology propelling it under the skin, the same cannot be held true for its exterior look and feel. The only standout changes would presumably be slimmer LED headlights. Also, the softer body panels that are similar to the 5 – series is expected. Increased legroom, smarter and suaver dashboard and seats and more boot space are also forecasted.

2019 BMW 1-Series interior

2019 BMW 1-Series – Engine Specifications

It is not just the MINI platform that the 2019 BMW 1-Series hatchback is borrowing. The base level 1 series are reported to arrive at the factory fitted with three-cylinder petrol and diesel engines as found in Mini hatchbacks. The high end upgraded models will also feature a more power driving 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine in 120d and 120i versions.

Surprisingly that is not where all the similarities with the MINI hatchback end. A hybrid option is also planned for the offing. It will borrows technology from the MINI Countryman to pair the 1.5-litre petrol engine with an electric motor. This will cut official carbon dioxide emissions to less than 50g/km.

Availability and Cost of the 2019 BMW 1-Series

While the new 2019 BMW 1-Series is set for a late or mid-2018 unveiling, it should not be expected to see the car in showrooms before 2019. The price of the base level version is not expected to exceed that of the present base version of the 1 series starting at $25,000.

In all the BMW 1 series hatchback is something to look forward to especially with its new UKL2 platform which is rumored to propel the vehicle at super speeds. However, it has a major competition to look forward to from Audi and Mercedes.

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