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2019 Lamborghini Urus Top Speed, Price

The upcoming 2019 Lamborghini Urus is the company’s second SUV ever, after the famous LM002 that was introduced all the way back in the 80s. While the LM002 became famous thanks to its screaming V12 powertrain and rugged appearance, the 2019 Urus is exactly the opposite. This SUV comes with a unique look, great performance, and smooth ride.

On top of that, the interior is luxurious and Urus is multifunctional. Lambo likes to call it “Super Sport Utility Vehicle” and these claims are supported thanks to a new turbocharged engine.

2019 Lamborghini Urus front

2019 Lamborghini Urus Exterior looks futuristic and mean

The 2019 Lamborghini Urus is one really aggressive-looking SUV. The styling looks so futuristic and stylish, and the mix of luxury and performance looks stunning. Urus also throws a tradition into the mix with some styling cues taken from LM002 model. This SUV really looks like a spaceship, aesthetic and with the sporting stance. It sits on the popular Volkswagen Group’s MLB platform that is also seen in models Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, and the Bentley Bentayga.

The front bumper and fascia add a huge hexagonal intake. The headlights are slim and with Y-shaped housings and of course, LED technology. Those headlights seat high and behind them, a bulging hood line is placed, a similar hood line that can be found on Aventador. To the sides, wheels are ranged between 21 and 23 inches, and at the rear, the taillights are Y-shaped.

Overall, the whole design is very aerodynamic, and the 2019 Urus is 201.2 inches long and 64.5 inches tall. With this specs, the model Urus is little lower and wider than the Q7 and the Porsche model Cayenne.

However, the new model weighs about 4,850 pounds, this is around 1100 pounds less than the old LM002 model. It is also lighter than Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that weights 5,250-pounds.

Color Options

The exterior of this model will get a few new colors that have a connection to the Greek mythology. This includes Bianco Monocerus (White), Giallo Auge (Yellow), Grigio Lynx (Gray), Blu Eleos ( Blue), Nero Helene ( Black), Blu Astraeus (Blue Metallic) and Verde Herb (Green).

2019 Lamborghini Urus interior

2019 Lamborghini Urus Interior brings comfort and luxury

Just like every Lambo’s model, the 2019 Lamborghini Urus comes with great luxury and comfort. The interior is aesthetic and very recognizable. The cabin is driver-oriented, the seating position is lowered and the controls layout is just perfect. Inside the cabin, you can find plenty of geometric design features such as hexagon air vents and door handles.

The wide center console is taken from an LM002 model and steering wheel is multi-functional. It also adds a vibration damper and plenty of switches on the left and right side. Those switches can control some phone functions, navigation, and infotainment system.

The 2019 Lamborghini Urus can accumulate five passengers and the seats are offering heating and cooling options. Electric 12-way adjustability is standard while 18-way is optional and it also adds massage functions. The seats are also available in leather and in a single color. Some of the colors are White, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange. Other cabin materials are mostly aluminum, carbon fiber, and wood.

Safety Features and Tech

The newest model 2019 Lamborghini Urus is very stylish SUV that offers plenty of safety. The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Packages will bring two additional packages Urban Road” and “Highway. Furthermore, this packages will get features like Moving object detection system, ABS or Anti-lock Brake System, Advanced Air Bags System, Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning and parking sensors.

Furthermore, we must also mention few more that are standard on this SUV like Road sign assist, Rollover stability control, Traction Control, ISO Fix Child Seat Anchors and Tire pressure monitoring system.

2019 Lamborghini Urus side

2019 Lamborghini Urus Engine, Acceleration and Top Speed

The 2019 Lamborghini Urus has under the hood powerful 4.0-liter twin turbo V8. This drivetrain can produce up to 641 HP and up to 627 lb-ft of torque. This unit is a Lambo’s first turbocharged engine and it includes a cylinder deactivation system for better fuel economy.

The new V8 offers four-wheel-drive system and an 8-speed automatic transmission. This Lamborghini Urus hit 0 to 62 mph in 3.6 seconds and the top speed is 186 mph or 300 kilometers per hour. This makes Urus one of the fastest SUV on the market. Just for comparison, the model Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk produces 707-hp. The Jeep company claims that this model is able to give 3,5 sec from 0 to 60 mph. However, in some test we’ve seen 3.4 seconds on a test track, which makes this SUV the fastest on the market.

2019 Lamborghini Urus rear

2019 Lamborghini Urus Price and Release Date

The latest 2019 Lamborghini Urus will go on sale in the coming months. It will go on sale in most major markets including the U.S. The price is around $200,000 and with more options loaded that price could easily jump to $220,000.

The 2019 Lamborghini Urus will be also competing with models like Bentley Bentayga, Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 4Matic, Mercedes-AMG G 63, Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, Porsche Macan Turbo.

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