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2019 Nissan Xterra will get a new design

The all-new 2019 Nissan Xterra is coming to the markets and it brings plenty of excitement. After its discount in 2015, this crossover SUV is making a quick comeback. Now, a fresh exterior design and a more comfortable interior are in the offer. Moreover, the radical moves are continuing under the hood, so the Xterra will get a new powertrain as well.

The 2019 Xterra will ride on the Nissan Navara’s platform, and most importantly, the new model will share almost nothing with its predecessor.

2019 Nissan Xterra front

2019 Nissan Xterra looks rugged and more attractive

We must admit, the 2015 Xterra was one of the most boring SUVs ever made when it comes to exterior design. Now, the 2019 Nissan Xterra comes with a completely new styling. Firstly, this SUV will ride on the same platform as Nissan Navara. Moreover, plenty of styling cues are borrowed from the Navara and other Nissan’s models, such as Rogue, Pathfinder, and Frontier.

Front-end sports a new grille and new LED headlights. The hood is new as well and it looks rounded. Both front and rear bumper are looking larger, and overall exterior design looks more aggressive and exciting. The exterior still looks rugged, which is not a bad thing for sure. However, the styling is modern and there is a present upscale feel around new Xterra that should put this SUV back in competition.

2019 Nissan Xterra interior

2019 Nissan Xterra interior offers great comfort

Just like the exterior, the interior of the 2019 Nissan Xterra will share literally nothing with the last-gen model. The previous model was so aging that it is no wonder discount happened so quick. The 2019 model will offer the latest technology amenities, better layout and most importantly, a better comfort.

The design of seats and shapes of the vents and controls is now looking more upscale and the layout is logical. All three rows are safer now, thanks to the multiple airbags available inside the cabin. Moreover, blind spot monitoring is in the offer, just like the traction and stability control system. Cloth seats are standard, but you can choose an optional leather upholstery. Headroom is ample, the same stands for the legroom, except for the third-row that is still little tight.

2019 Nissan Xterra seats

2019 Nissan Xterra powertrain details

Not only that the 2019 Nissan Xterra comes with a new standard engine, but it also offers a new optional engine. A 2.8-liter Duramax unit is gone, and new 2.3-liter V6 is in the offer. The standard V6 unit generates 187 HP and 223 lb-ft of torque. A 6-speed manual gearbox is the only choice, and four-wheel drive setup is optional.

Fuel economy is a lot better, the drive is quieter and smoother. Mileage numbers are set at 18 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Moreover, this unit is a popular choice among Renault’s crossovers and SUVs. Nissan will offer an optional gasoline unit that will replace a 4.0-liter V6, but there is no information yet about the possible new powertrain.

2019 Nissan Xterra rear

2019 Nissan Xterra price and release date

The 2019 Nissan Xterra will cost significantly more, but that is the price of the new generation with more upscale features and better performance. Starting price is $28,000 and there should be numerous trim levels in the offer for sure. Nissan’s newest crossover SUV will go on sale at the beginning of 2019.

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