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2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid Price, Release Date

Volkswagen Golf enters its eight-generation and after the Vienna Motor Symposium in April 2018, the German automaker announced new 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid. This compact hatchback will arrive next year with a 48-volt motor with hybrid capabilities. The sale will go next year around the European markets before entering the U.S. dealerships.

Just like other European carmakers such as Audi and Mercedes, the Volkswagen also opted for a hybrid model, and Golf 8 is perhaps the perfect choice. It will benefit from a 48v motor/generator and a 48v lithium-ion battery.

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid front

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid Exterior features

The upcoming 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will ride on the existing MQB platform. This platform is used by almost all of the Volkswagen’s models, and even Audi and Ford are using this transverse-engine piece of architecture. The exterior is also recognizable and is probably one of the most attractive designs in the compact hatchback segment.

The lines are crisp, the hood is steep and the front grille is narrow. Sharp headlights are also included and the car sits lower to the ground than before. Overall looks are more muscular and distinctive. The C-pillar design makes Golf 8 a hatchback that is pushed down into the ground. Wheels are 18-inches long.

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid interior

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid Interior visibility is great

The 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid comes with very modern and upscale interior. On top of that, visibility is great thanks to the large windows. The seats are very comfortable, especially the driver’s seat that is supportive and nicely shaped. Driver’s seat is adjustable, just like the tilt and telescopic steering wheel. More important, all those features are standard.

Overall, the interior is upscale thanks to the use of high-quality materials and we could say that the interior is slightly understated. The cabin is packed with soft-touch surfaces and higher trim levels include piano-black accents.

Cargo Volume

The room is generous for such a compact hatchback and cargo volume is rated a 16.5 cubic feet. With rear seats folded flat, cargo space is rated at 52.7 cubic feet. Furthermore, the 2019 VW Golf hybrid has space to accumulate five passengers.

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid engine

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid Engine and Battery Details

The arriving 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will be offered with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine. However, it is yet unknown what engine will arrive in the United States. Most speculated option for U.S. markets is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. For Europe, a 1.0-liter engine is paired with a 48-v motor and  48v battery pack. This combination is speculated to make up to 150 HP and 6-speed automatic transmission is included as well. An all-wheel-drive setup is optional.

Those components will help new 2019 Golf 8 Hybrid in a fuel economy. However, the official numbers are not announced yet. Moreover, this hatchback is able to ride with the combustion engine switched off. On top of that, the mild-hybrid system adds an electric boost on startup for short periods.

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid rear

2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid Price and Release Date

The forthcoming 2019 VW Golf 8 Hybrid will hit the European markets in the fall of 2019. The U.S. markets will get this hatchback in 2020 and the price is expected to be around $21,500. Top-line Golf R model could cost up to $40,000. However, a price for the hybrid model is unknown at this moment.

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