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No Garage – No Problem – How To Protect Your Car Without Garage

Purchasing a car comes with a lot of expenses and responsibilities. One of the most important consideration is where your car will be housed. Garages are the most common car housing option for many people.

The significance of housing your car in a garage is for safety and security purposes. It is however easy to do the same even without a garage. Here are a few ways to protect your car without a garage.

How To Protect Your Car Without Garage

1. Consider housing with a steel carport

Although you may lack a garage, keeping your car under a shade is the second most effective way of protecting it. This should always be the second option for any car-owner without access to a garage.

A shade protects against extreme weather conditions, damage by debris and waste from birds and animals. The steel carport can be purchased online and set-up in your front yard with ease.

2. Invest in a car cover

This is also one of the most effective ways of protecting your car. A car cover comes in handy to protect your car from fading both from the exterior and from the interior.

It also protects your car against extremely hot and mild wet weather conditions. Considering the weather in your area, a car cover is definitely worth having.

3. Wax your car

One of the most effective ways of keeping your car’s paint-job at its best is by frequently waxing it. Waxing helps to clean off animal droppings, rainwater residues, bugs, acid rain and scratches.

It also makes cleaning easier and keeps your car shinier and protected. For excellent results, consider waxing your car at least once a month.

4. Get a car alarm

This may not help in any way to keep your car clean but be having a car alarm is one of the most effective ways to guarantee security. For car owners without a garage, having a car alarm is a necessity rather than an option.

5. Park in a busy area

This another thing to consider when it comes to your car’s safety. Parking your car in an area where there are people, pedestrians and other car owners decreases the capability of being car-jacked significantly.

6. Wash your car regularly

Another way of protecting your car against wear and tear is by frequently washing it. Washing helps to get rid of accumulated dirt that corrodes your paint job and to some extent affect your car.

The salt used to melt snow during a heavy downpour for example, corrodes the car’s metallic structures. It is hence suitable that car owners wash their cars after a heavy snow downpour. Car experts recommend that car owners wash their cars as frequently as possible to keep the painting undamaged.

7. Avoid parking under trees

Unless you have no other option, it is not recommended to park your car under huge trees. Although it protects your car against damage by weather, it possesses a risk during extreme weather conditions.

Debris from the tree may damage your car windows, paint job or even the entire car during a storm. Bird droppings also corrode the car’s paint job.

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