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Top 10 Best Tire Shines in 2017

The market is flooded with several tires shines, but we have top 10 best tire shines in 2017. We know you like your car to be as personalized as possible and good tire shine takes the individuality of your car to a whole new level.

  1. Meguiars G7516 Endurance Tire Gel:

It is difficult to find a tire shiner better than this one. There are no chances of overspray, runs and sips – that is frequently encountered with most of the other shiners available in the market.

It also comes with UV protection that protects your tires from developing a brown spot that happens when they are exposed to too much sun. Your tires are also protected from other environmental factors that might damage it.

Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance

  1. Meguiars Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray:

This tire shiner from Meguiar is highly effective and gives you unbelievably long lasting results. Along with the high gloss tire spray, you get peak foam applicator pads that make the application even easier than before.

Meguiar’s Hot Shine High Gloss Tire Spray

  1. Turtle Wax T-12KT Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit

Along with the shine, this product from Turtle Wax, comes with all other features that are necessary to make your tires look brand new. It is more long lasting than most of the other tire shines and comes with a black tinted formula that improves the overall look of the tires by covering all the brown spots on them.

Turtle Wax T-12KT Jet Black Endura-Shine Tire Coat Kit

  1. Griots Garage 11044 Long Lasting Tire Dressing

You can add multiple coats of this shiner for a glossier finish add it conditions them as well, thereby preventing your tires from drying up and cracking. It can withstand all weather conditions – even heavy rainfall – and even with just one coat on your tires, they will look shiny and new.

Griot’s Garage 11044 Long Lasting Tire Dressing

  1. TriNova Tire Shine Spray – Dressing for Wet & Slick Finish:

It gives you a shine and gloss that is hard to get with other tire shines and does a decent job of coating and protecting your tires against damaging elements present in the environment.

TriNova Tire Shine Spray – Dressing for Wet & Slick Finish

  1. Sonax (235200-755) Tire Gloss Gel:

This one comes with a silicon-rich formula that imparts a rich, semi-gloss look that will make your tires look nothing less than brand new! The gel formula seeps into the surface to hydrate and revitalizes them, making even older tires look rejuvenated.

 Sonax (235200-755) Tire Gloss Gel

  1. CarGuys Plastic and Trim Restorer:

Mainly preferred for its long lasting finish on the tires, this tire shiner from CarGuys gives your tires the good quality shine that you have always dreamed of. Apart from taking care of your tires, this one is also 100% environment-friendly!


CarGuys Plastic and Trim Restorer

  1. Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Dressing:

You don’t have to rub or wipe it to make it stick to your tires, the absence of water and surfactants mean that it will last longer than another tire shines and it is also preferred by many of the popular dealers since it gives the users a chance to control the finish by allowing them to spray a coating easily and quickly.

Stoner Car Care More Shine Tire Dressing

  1. Griots Garage 10938 Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating:

A smooth and glossy finish with excellent spray control, long lasting fragrance and a better coverage, it gives a better finish, even when you drive in extreme weather conditions.

Griot’s Garage 10938 Black Shine Tire & Trim Coating

  1. Meguiars G15415 Endurance Tire Dressing:

Last, but not the least, this shiner immediately bonds itself to the tires giving you a shiny finish that will last for days. It comes with UV protection and can also withstand heavy rainfall and several washing sessions.

Meguiar’s G15415 Endurance Tire Dressing

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